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The MEA Award Winner 2021

Your support and trust is a huge responsibility that inspiring us

Inspired Media thanks everyone who voted for us, and we promise you all to keep working very hard for better service, and a wider range of services, we don’t take this award as a pleasure or honor, we take it as a hard commitment and big responsibility, to keep your trust and loyalty… from the heart… thank you… thank you all

MEA Announcement

Here at MEA Markets, we are honoured to announce the return the UAE Business Awards for 2021. This awards programme aims to honour the businesses and individuals that innovate and have helped to establish the UAE as a global knowledge hub and the top destination for new initiatives.

Through these awards MEA Markets looks to celebrate the best firms, teams and individuals, who have worked relentlessly throughout the year, offering the best products and services in one of the most prosperous and significant business regions in the world. Our web visitors, subscribers, social media followers and wider circulation rely MEA Markets to demonstrate some of the foremost drivers to business through the yearly UAE Business Awards making this a trusted and respected avenue for those involved in or doing business with those within this vital region.

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